My Irish Experience


My journey has been very tough.

We left from Vicenza with a minibus that was too small to contain us all plus our luggage and we get to the airport in Treviso. The flight would take us to London-Stansted. It was the first time I took the plane and I was so scared but everything was great. If I have to say the truth, I really enjoyed myself.

In London we had to wait the whole afternoon in the airport. If you’ll do it, take with you something to do or read, if you don’t want to go crazy. Then finally we got the airplane to Cork.


My host family was great!

They are Jakie and Brendan and they live in one of the houses (they all look the same) in Ballintemple. They live with 4 sons of different ages.

And then there are the hosts: me and 2 more Italian girls, 2 guys from Saudi Arabia and one from Japan. In the end we were 12 in the house! But we lived well, anyway!

I really liked the food, for dinner most of the time we had meat with potato, cooked in various ways. The dessert was never missing, always served with tea. We always had dinner at 6 pm. The breakfast instead, changed depending on the day.  Usually on Sundays we had the Irish breakfast that is made of eggs, sausages, bacon and beans. On Saturdays we usually had sausages and omelette. During the week the breakfast was more normal: toast, butter, nutella, fruit juice, tea, milk, a big choice of cereals and jams.

I didn’t have any kind of problem with my family, I really love them!


Cork is very nice. It was difficult at the beginning to orient myself in the city, but the city worth the fatigue. Cork it’s pretty chaotic but not as much as Dublin, in fact I prefer Cork to Dublin!

One of the most disturbing things is the fact that they drive on the right. When my host family came to pick me up at the airport, going home, I think I risked a heart attack at least a dozen times.

The city center is great! There are a lot of nice pubs, I suggest you the Old Oak and the Oliver Plunkett, but you can go in there only if you are older than 18. Talking about shopping, there are a lot of nice shops. Penney’s is one of my favorite because it’s big and very cheap, everyone can find something because there are different styles and sizes. Another good shop is Debenhams, but take your money with you, because it’s pretty expensive. In both those shops you can find dresses, accessory and make up. If you’re looking for souvenirs you can go to Carrols, you can find a lot of nice thing at a reasonable price.


I loved from the very first time the cappuccino to take away and I think that they will be the thing I’ll miss more! Luckily I didn’t go out for dinner that much. There are a lot of fast foods, I tried the Fish & Chips but I think I’ll never try it anymore in my life! I definitely think a McDonald it’s better than a Fish & Chips!


I have to admit that I’ve been very lucky in this experience, because I also liked my work placement.  I work for Partnership Europe from Monday to Friday, from 10 am to 4 pm, with an hour of lunch break. They didn’t have any particular requests about the way of dressing in the office and I didn’t even have an interview because they already met me the week I arrived in Ireland.



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