My journey to Dublin


Dublin is a beautiful city but it is the capital of Ireland and I have imagined it bigger. We moved from Cork by bus and the journey took 3 hours to arrive in Dublin.

When we get to the city we went to the Trinity College and we had lunch in the park. The Trinity College is the first university of Ireland and some Harry Potter saga’s scenes were shot in there.

After lunch some people went inside the Trinity College, someone else went in some little museums around the center and one of my friends and I stayed in the park for a while and then, examining the map, we discovered that there was The National Wax Museum Plus near there.

It doesn’t cost too much and it’s very nice. There are statues of actors and singers, cartoon characters, historic people and film characters. After that we went shopping and I think that the city center is very strange.

On the road you can see street artists: someone singing or dancing, someone else writing or painting on the floor, someone has a heap of sand and made animals with that and there were of course a lot of “living statues”. There were some people that wore leprechauns’ clothes and you could take a photo with them, if you give them some coins.

After the shopping, it was dinner time: some people ate in a pub and someone else in a fast food. There are a lot of pubs but I do not recommend them for eating because they are too expensive for me.

I love cappuccinos and so I recommend you to go to Starbucks: there are a lot around the city center and it’s very good.

After dinner we took the bus again and we went back to our host families in Cork.



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