The Jameson Old Distillery in Midleton

I’m not the kind of person who “falls” for touristy attractions, I love to stay outside of the tracks. This time my sister was visiting me and the weather was terrible. After a quick check on the internet our decision stopped for the Jameson Experience in Midleton – near Cork, where I live – and we took the train to that destination.


The journey to Midleton is really quick by train. I love trains, I know it sounds stupids but I love traveling by trains, you can see the landscape pass before you and you don’t have to drive. So I was quite happy to go to Midleton.

The first thing that struck you when you arrive is the smell of Malt, it is really strange but you get use to it pretty quickly. Jameson is still brewing his whisky in Midleton, so no need to be afraid about the smell!

The Distillery is really easy to find, the town is not that big and you get to pass the main street with all the shops, even some craft stores like knitting… By foot it’s a 10 minutes walk to finally arrive to the Distillery.

The waiting room is big and well decorated with Jameson bottles – Jameson bottles everywhere! – You can take the time to read a little bit more about the Jameson history before the beginning of the tour.

Jameson Experience Decoration

Jameson Experience Midleton

Jameson Experience whisly bottles

The tour begin with a video tracing the history of James Jameson and how he decided to create his famous whisky. After that

I decided not to spoil you with loads of photos of the exhibition, because yeah… I took a huge lot of photos… I’ll spare you that!  I can tell you that the buildings are big and beautiful, it’s really great to visit the place. I love this kind of old factory buildings, full of lives and stories.

The tour is rather short, 30 minutes + a video a the beginning but it’s really interesting. You get to walk in every buildings and follow the path from grain to whisky! And you get to see the big distiller!

Jameson Experience Distillery

And finally and the end of the tour you can drink a glass of Jameson Whisky! Be very careful with that, it’s delicious but very strong!

Jameson Experience Tasting time

Who’s been there? What are your impressions? Did you like the whisky?


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