My internship in Ireland

Time is tough for everyone, including me. The crisis emphasis the tensions and it’s hard to keep a good mood, particularly if you are a young adult, just graduated and without tons of experience. And I live in a country where internship is not considered as work experience… So you can guess how fucked up I am…

I worked a little bit as a freelance but this kind of jobs come and go very easily. Even if things began to move in my hometown, I couldn’t stand to stay there one more year. After a long year of unemployment in France I decided I needed change. And when I say change, it’s not just moving to another city… Nope! I decided to move to another country! I joined some international organization, came to conference about emigration in UK, Canada and Australia. My goal was to pack my luggage in September.

I applied to a Leonardo Program, so I can get more experience and spend some time in another country to speak English while having a grant to live. I was so eager to be accepted in the program I didn’t specified a country, I just wanted to speak English.

I had different propositions but they didn’t fit my expectations so I turned them down. Then I received an email from Ireland with a great internship proposition so that’s how I ended up in Cork!

I was scared at the beginning, it was a complete new life: new language, new people, and new work! I’m not an outgoing person, that doesn’t help to meet new people!

So here I am! In Cork, at night with my luggage in my accommodation and I’m wondering: “what am I doing here?” It was really scary. But I quickly made new friends, at school, at work and in my accommodation. ☺

It’s still a bit difficult to meet new people for I am a massive introvert but I’m confident for the future.

My internship is doing very well; it’s clearly more relaxed than if I actually worked for them so it’s perfect for a first approach. I was scared at the beginning: ‘do I know how to do that?’ ‘I’m not good enough’ ‘Why am I here?’ but everyone is happy with me. I’m doing graphic design for the website, it’s not my trained job but I like it. And, as I’m the only one who knows how to use Photoshop in the company, every visual I create is welcome with awe.

So it’s really positive and I’m happy. ☺


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